Ingemo and Johan met already 1978 in local experimental constellations and eventually Kultivator. While raising two children a number of small projects took place: theatre music, the Anna Gram compilation and music for certain events.

Ingemo engaged in medieval music in different constellation and Johan turned to improvised rock in Ur Kaos. During the years we collected more or less fragmentary ideas of songs, which eventually gave birth to Nomads of Hope. This history explains the mixture of progressive rock, world music, folk music, ancient music and grunge.

During the years we followed the temptations to explore new instruments. And nowadays we play and improvise on pianos, synthesizers, guitars, bass, recorders, tinwistles, saz, dulcimer, harps, wavedrum, darbouka and percussion.

"Hailing from Sweden, Nomads of Hope is a project at whose core are two former members of late 70s outfit Kultivator, multi-instrumentalists Johan Hedrén and Ingemo Rylander, whose lovely vocals provide one of the album’s undisputed highlights. Their debut album, Breaking the Circles for a While, combines medieval and world music influences with haunting trip-hop suggestions in a unique mix of darkness and light, minimalism and complexity. Highly recommended to those who are constantly on the lookout for creative approaches to progressive music."

Raffaella Berry at http://weekendprog.blogspot.se/2015/01/weekend-43-greensleeves-daal-unisonic.html

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